One of the busiest shopping days of the year was interupted when someone lit off a smoke bomb in the Apple Store in Coquitlam Centre on Thursday afternoon.

Holiday shoppers seeking Boxing Day deals were evacuated from the business at around 3 p.m. while firefighters worked to ventilate the store. None of the other businesses in the mall were impacted by the incident.

"Someone decided they were going to light a smoke bomb off in the Apple store and that is exactly what they did," said assistant fire chief Rod Gill. "They ignited it somehow and threw it in the store and ran out."

The smoke bomb, he added, was a common firework and is often available around Halloween. It was lit in the back corner of the store and quickly filled the area with smoke.

Staff at the shop called 911, evacuated all of the customers and shut the giant glass doors to keep the smoke from escaping into the rest of the mall. Many people snapped photos of the incident and posted the pictures on Twitter.

Gill said it took firefighters about half an hour to vent the smoke out of the building and the Apple store did not re-open for the rest of the day.

Nobody was injured in the incident and it was unknown whether any items were stolen after the smoke bomb went off.