Tri-Cities health stats top out in Port Moody

While Tri-Cities residents are a reasonably healthy bunch compared to the rest of Metro Vancouver, the state of your health depends on where you live.
According to a new survey released by the Fraser Health and Vancouver Coastal health authorities called My Health My Community, Port Moody tops the Tri-Cities in a number of health-related indicators.
On smoking, the daily or occasional rate is just three per cent in the City of the Arts, compared to 10 per cent in Port Coquitlam and 12 per cent in Coquitlam.
The Metro Vancouver average is 11 per cent.
When it comes to physical activity, Port Moody comes out again on top in the Tri-Cities, with 57 per cent of respondents getting 150-plus minutes of weekly exercise, compared to 47 per cent in Port Coquitlam and 38 per cent in Coquitlam.
The Metro Vancouver average is 44 per cent.
Port Moody residents are also eating better, with 29 per cent getting five-plus daily servings of vegetables compared to 24 per cent in both Coquitlam and Port Coquitlam.
The regional average is 25 per cent.
Port Moody is also a little less plugged in than its neighbours, with 41 per cent recording two or more hours of screen time daily, compared to 48 per cent in PoCo and Coquitlam.
The average for Metro Vancouver is 48 per cent.
Port Moody also bested its neighbours in the obesity category, with 17 per cent reporting to be obese based on the body mass index, while in Coquitlam and Port Coquitlam the numbers were 21 per cent and 32 per cent respectively.
The Metro Vancouver average was 22 per cent.
Port Moody Coun. Rick Glumac, who is also member of the Tri-Cities Healthier Communities Partnership, said he’s both pleased and not surprised by the results.  
He said he sees people hiking and jogging all the time where he lives, suggesting the parks and natural surroundings encourage people to get out and be active.
“It’s important as we grow as a community, the focus remains on strong pedestrian connections, safe cycling options and park expansion so that our residents can continue to be healthy and active,” Glumac told the Tri-Cities NOW.
All communities in the Tri-Cities are doing better than the average Metro Vancouver resident at getting a family doctor.
In Port Coquitlam, 92 per cent of respondents have a family doctor, while the number is 89 per cent in Port Moody and 85 per cent in Coquitlam.
The Metro Vancouver average is 83 per cent. The community profiles are based on survey results from more than 33,000 adults aged 18 to 40 in communities across the region.

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