Tla’amin Nation postpones election

October 17 date set for casting ballots

As COVID-19 numbers continue to rise in Tla’amin Nation, a growing number of nation members and families are being impacted by this pandemic, resulting in a change in election date.

According to a media release from Tla’amin, some are receiving care in hospital while most are recovering at home. Some are only showing symptoms now, and others are awaiting test results. 

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The release stated that on the morning of September 16, Tla’amin legislators met with electoral officer Nicole Hajash of One Feather about how the nation might be able to conduct the remaining in-person portion of voting for elections in a safe manner. Legislators agreed to postpone the election until October 17.

“To everyone who has taken the time to vote online or by mail, we thank you,” the release stated. “Therefore, there is no need for revoting online or by mail. Online voting will remain open.”

Hegus Clint Williams stated that all Tla’amin members have a fair and equal say in who forms the next Tla’amin government.

“The election will be postponed until Tla’amin members are well enough to fully participate; we realize this is yet another change in an already difficult time,” stated Williams. “However, as Tla’amin people, we have come together to ensure that every nation member has what they need to stay safe or to recover. Now, we must ensure that all Tla’amin people can play a part in shaping the future of our nation.”

The current government will continue its leadership role until the new government is formed in late October.

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