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15 things Canadians are stocking up on right now — and why

From must-have skin care products to back-to-school essentials, this fun list has a few surprises.
 Kelvin Murray Stone Getty Images
As the supply chain stressors ease up and inflation continues to be a concern, panic buying has given way to discount shopping.

Ever wonder what your neighbours have in their shopping carts and on their wish lists? Us too, which is why we thought it would be fun to put together a communal shopping list filled with the best selling products in Canada. 

Some items, like back-to-school essentials, are a given for September. But others, like a vegan mouthwash and Halloween costumes (yup, that's right!) surprised us. From pimple patches to surge power points, this is what is in demand right now. For a fully curated selection and the best deals, be sure to check out our Amazon Storefront for more.

Back-to-school shopping rush

Amazon desktop organizer

With many students starting (or getting back to) dorm life, there's a rush on essentials like a desktop organizer (that can be used for cosmetics or pencils), extension cords, silicone hair catchers for communal showers ($9.99), Command adhesive hanging strips ($20.38/60) and a surge power adapter with five outlets and three USB ports ($22.49). It’s no surprise that dial locks are a big seller in September — it’s a student staple that hasn’t gone digital. $8.79 at Amazon.For more, check out our Amazon Storefront

Best selling personal care products

CorsX pimple patch

Back to school, back to stress breakouts? Pan Oxyl is a highly effective face wash with 4% benzoyl peroxide (bacteria- and acne-busting) as well as emollients (so skin doesn’t dry out). $10.23 at Amazon.

For spot treatment, beauty lovers swear by the popular and discreet Corsx Pimple Patches. $17.29 on Amazon.

TheraBreath fresh oral rinse is vegan, gluten-free, kosher and minty but what really separates it from the drugstore brands is the reviews: users swear it can banish garlic breath and the gentle PH formula won’t wear down enamel. $8.99 on Amazon.

If the morning routine is lacking in time, this Revlon ionic hair dryer and volumizer does double-duty for a quick, sleek blowout. $59.99 at Amazon.

The scientific benefit of collagen supplements are still under debate, but for those who want to try (or already love) the idea of adding a supplement to their daily routine, the Organika Enhanced Collagen is a top choice. $37.48 (500 ml) at Amazon.

See more picks on our fully stocked Amazon Storefront.

The clothing and accessories that are in demand right now

Repel umbrella

Is an umbrella a fashion accessory? In Vancouver it is. The Repel umbrella is a favourite of Endorsed readers and many British Columbians are hoping for rain to clear this wildfire smoke. $29.99 at Amazon.

Crewneck sweatshirts are always in style and a fall favourite doesn’t have to cost a lot. The soft and simple Hane’s Men’s EcoSmart fleece sweatshirt is pretty similar to the style of sweatshirts found at an upscale Vancouver-based clothing brand, but it costs less than $15. From $13.99 at Amazon.

This gold-plated paper clip necklace is on-trend but not too flashy, which makes it perfect for daily wear. $11.69 at Amazon.

Yes, people are buying Halloween costumes already and it’s no surprise that super heroes are already in demand. From $28 on Amazon.

For more fall fashion and accessories, check out our Amazon Storefront.