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Opinion: Some Burnaby businesses need more transparency about COVID-19 cases

Why do some stores post positive COVID-19 cases while others don't
Photo: People wearing face masks / Getty Images

A tweet earlier this week by a small Burnaby business was something I both admired and got angry about.

It highlighted how some larger Burnaby businesses need to be more transparent about COVID-19 cases at their stores.

The tweet was by Dageraad Brewing, which let its followers know that its Tasting Room would be closed for the rest of the day “due to a COVID-19 exposure over the weekend. “We are working closely with Fraser Health to ensure the safety of our guests and employees. Public have told us there is no risk posed to recent guests at the brewery.”

Simple. To the point. No attempt at PR buzzwords. Just straight information.

I just wish some other Burnaby businesses would follow suit.

Some large businesses such as London Drugs, Nesters Market and Save-On-Foods do not have COVID-19 case trackers on their websites.

This despite other companies doing so. Loblaw posts all exposures for its stores, including Superstore, Shoppers Drug Mart and Wholesale Club. T&T does as well. Sobeys posts daily updates for its stores, including Burnaby Safeway outlets.

So they have set the standard and I wish others would follow. I think shoppers would appreciate it. I know I do. It doesn’t make me not shop at a store if there was a recent case. If anything, I feel more loyalty to them.

I asked Save-On-Foods why it doesn’t post positive COVID-19 cases online and received this response: “We have, and always will, do the right thing to protect the health and safety of our team members and customers. Should one of our team members test positive for COVID-19, under the guidance of our public health authorities we have a strong plan to make sure that we follow all the right processes. We work closely with the local health authorities to notify any team members and customers whom the health authority deems may be at risk of exposure including recommended next steps. As always, we do not allow our team members to report to work when ill, and continue to encourage our customers who are feeling ill to stay home. The health and safety of our team members and customers continues to be our top priority and we’re doing everything we can to minimize the spread of COVID-19.”

That, of course, didn’t answer my question.

In the meantime, make sure you buy your beer at Dageraad. It’s open for takeout from noon to 7 p.m. daily and curbside delivery continues.

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