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Candidates' stance on climate change revealed in time for Tri-Cities vote

Is climate change important to you in the Oct. 15 civic election? A total of 13 candidates have been endorsed by Force of Nature, while Burke Mountain Naturalists share responses to environmental questionnaire.
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Buntzen Lake Suspension Bridge.

Climate change is an issue that is top of mind among many voters.

With the recent drought and extreme weather, many are wondering what the cities are doing to reduce greenhouse gasses and what politicians plan to do to improve climate resllience.

To help voters in Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam and Port Moody make an informed decision, two local environmental groups are getting involved in the Oct. 15 municipal election by sharing information about candidates.

Force of Nature has released a roster of candidates it is supporting while the Burke Mountain Naturalists have released candidate responses to questions about environmental protection.

For BMN, a long-time group, sharing candidate questionnaires is a long-standing tradition. 

"The Burke Mountain Naturalists have been promoting the preservation and appreciation of nature in the TriCities and beyond since 1989. As members of the community who value our area’s natural assets, we are interested in knowing how much value candidates standing for elected office place on these assets," the group states.

This year, 28 candidates responded to questions.

Voters are encouraged to check out responses below:

Force of Nature, meanwhile, is endorsing 13 candidates across the Tri-Cities.

In a statement, the group explained their involvement in the election.

"Force of Nature Tri-Cities is a volunteer organization working to fight climate change by reducing the GHG emissions of our cities to zero," it said.

"We envision cities where everyone from twenty-somethings fresh out of school, to families, to seniors can live in affordable density where most of them don't need a car, and those who do drive an electric vehicle, and for all of that to happen in cities with lots of natural green space and protection from the extremes of our changing climate.

"We have endorsed candidates for city council that we believe we can work effectively to make progress on those goals."

Here's the list (in alphabetical order):


  • Matt Djonlic
  • Craig Hodge (Incumbent)
  • Paul Lambert
  • Trish Mandewo (Incumbent)
  • Benjamin Perry

Port Coquitlam

  • Nancy McCurrach (Incumbent)
  • Erik Minty
  • Justin Alexander Smith
  • Jami Watson

Port Moody

  • Dustin Chelen
  • Amy Lubick (Incumbent)
  • Haven Lurbieki
  • Hunter Madsen (Incumbent)