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TC Votes 2022: Meet Paige Petriw, Port Coquitlam city council candidate

She's hoping to win one of six seats at PoCo city hall for the next four years.

The Tri-City News sent questionnaires to each candidate in the 2022 civic election to learn more about who they are, why they are campaigning and what are the issues that matter most to them.

Candidates are being published to our website in alphabetical order.

Paige Petriw

  • Age: 33
  • Years as a Port Coquitlam resident: Six
  • Occupation: Founder and CEO of Spotlight Events
  • Most recent civic/volunteer work? Member of the Mayor’s Citizen Advisory Roundtable.
  • Website:
  • Instagram/Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn/YouTube: @paigepetriw

Why are you running? 

"Diversity in age and demographic on city council is imperative to represent the many different viewpoints of residents and business owners in Port Coquitlam. In modern history, this diversity has been lacking. My goal is to bring a fresh voice, new perspective and renewed energy to the council table. Millennial women — specifically business owners, mothers and leaders — have a powerful voice in our community. The perspective we bring to the table is substantial, and our stake in this community’s future is deep-rooted. It’s time that voice be represented on Port Coquitlam’s city council."

What’s your No. 1 issue and why? 

"Accessibility and affordability are two intertwined issues that are extremely important as our community grows. Without having affordable housing, commercial spaces, programs and services, our city becomes less accessible to families living off a modest or limited income. In addition to financial accessibility, our council must also work to identify accessibility gaps of all types, including developmental, neurological, physical, racial, and others. Accessibility considerations and accommodations must be integrated into all city projects and initiatives to ensure our community is welcoming and inclusive for all its residents."