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Pemberton puppies saved from dangerous rising floodwaters

PAWS seeking animal fosters in the area to open their homes for the rescued puppies.

Six dogs in Pemberton Animal Wellbeing Society’s (PAWS) shelter were in grave danger the morning of Jan. 30, after severe flooding on Airport Road. A mother and her five puppies’ lives were held in the balance as the water continued to rise.

According to a post on PAWS' Facebook page, a Blackcomb Helicopters employee made the quick-thinking decision to break into the shelter and rescue the dogs from the dangerous situation. The team at Blackcomb Helicopters then helped provide crucial care for the animals, while a PAWS volunteer braved the icy waters to rescue other animals and secure emergency supplies from the shelter.

PAWS is now asking for help from foster homes in the area as they navigate the crisis. 

The organization is unsure when normal services can resume.

“As we navigate this challenging time, our immediate need is for local, previously vetted foster homes for our displaced animals,” PAWS wrote on Facebook. “We are immensely grateful for the community's willingness to help and ask for your patience and understanding. If you are in the immediate local area and have previously applied to foster, please contact us at [email protected].”

A lot of PAWS’ supplies were damaged by this morning’s disaster.

“In these trying times, the support of businesses and individuals in our community is what makes our work possible. We will need to replace a lot of damaged supplies,” the post said. “If you are able to donate to the ongoing efforts of the Pemberton Animal Well-Being Society, please visit our website and head to the 'Help Pitch In' section. Every bit of support helps us continue our mission.”

The organization thanked the brave heroes who saved the day.

“Thank you, Tia from Blackcomb Helicopters, the entire Blackcomb Helicopter team, Marieke, and everyone who is reaching out to support us. Your actions exemplify the strength and compassion of our community,” the post said.