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Powell River Orphaned Wildlife Society mend robin injured by cat

PROWLS: Rescue of the week

DAUNTLESS AND DETERMINED: Badly mangled by a cat, with a broken wing and a punctured eye, this determined young robin was not giving up. Once at Powell River Orphaned Wildlife Society (PROWLS), she first received antibiotics for the infection, medication for the pain and then PROWLS president Merrilee Prior wrapped her wing.

This wrap acted as both a cast and sling. She was placed in a small kennel to make her feel safe and left with food and water. Not appreciating her good fortune, the robin took off the wrap twice and received a good scolding.

Ten days after her arrival, the wrap came off for good and she was moved into a larger cage. Now encouraged to use her wings, she flitted back and forth between two perches. This allowed the wings to both loosen and strengthen symmetrically. Ten more days and she was moved to the large, outdoor flight cage where she excelled, displaying great vim and vigour!

Her wing had healed perfectly and she was quickly adapting to being blind on one side. Her release was a joy; she rocketed out, flew high, dodged around a tree and landed high up in the forest.

Because cats stay closer to home in the winter it is an excellent time for cat owners to consider installing a catio: an indoor/outdoor enclosure for cats offering protection from outdoor dangers such as predators, cars, other cats and disease.

Cats do appreciate the safety and experience less risk and stress, as do their owners. There is much information regarding catios online.

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