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No charge for Surrey Police Service officer after shopkeeper’s complaint

An SPS officer allegedly intervened in a customer dispute
Photo: Surrey Police Service

A Surrey Police Service officer will not be charged after a dispute last week at a store in the 80th and 128th area of Newton.

A shopkeeper complained to Surrey RCMP after an incident in late morning Aug. 11 about a customer who allegedly sought an excessive discount. The customer’s relative, an SPS officer, allegedly intervened in support of the customer.

“We are aware of a report to police made by a local business owner, but are unable to confirm any specifics,” said Sgt. Tammy Lobb of the Surrey RCMP. “No charges have been recommended in relation to the file you referenced.”  

SPS media liaison Ian MacDonald said there was no action taken against the officer because no wrongdoing occurred.

“They determined in the initial investigation that the allegations made by the shopkeeper were not founded,” MacDonald said. “The event was concluded, determined no criminality from any party involved, and that the SPS officer – off-duty – that officer’s role was peripheral.”

MacDonald said a copy of the file was forwarded to the human resources department as a formality, “if we ever need to reference it or review it further.” He said he became aware of the details on Tuesday morning from the human resources officer.

The previous day, MacDonald had denied allegations circulating online that an SPS officer had been under investigation for shoplifting. He told a reporter the SPS had no plans to set the record straight.

“We have been trolled online for two-and-a-half years, if we responded to every rock thrown we’d waste a lot of time and embolden the posters who undoubtedly would enjoy continue wasting it and forcing us to respond,” MacDonald said.