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Photos: This $39M Whistler mansion is the most expensive on the B.C. market

Got a lot of money to burn?

Got a lot of money to burn?

The most expensive single-family home currently up for sale in British Columbia can be found in Whistler for a cool $39 million, $6 million more than the most expensive home currently listed for sale in Vancouver.  

Located at 5462 Stonebridge Drive in Whistler, the 8,700-sq-ft property is in one of the most exclusive neighbourhoods in the resort. It features sweeping views of Blackcomb Mountain, the village centre and Alta Lake.  

The unique six-bedroom, 10-bathroom home was first built in 2014 and is situated on a 7.27-acre lot. Some of its features include an 82-foot cantilevered infinity pool reaching out over the mountainside, three fireplaces, a wine cellar, and even an elevator for the days you don’t want to take the stairs. 

The annual property taxes on the home are $83,027 per year. 

While it's the most expensive home currently on the B.C. market, it's not the highest valued overall—for many years that honour has gone to the $73-million Vancouver megamansion owned by Lululemon founder Chip Wilson.

Over the last few years, Whistler’s real estate market has seen a surge in property prices and has only recently begun to return to normal. There has been an increase in properties for sale in the municipality, but prices remain high. 

For some comparison of what $39 million could get you in other parts of the province, you could buy a 46-unit stratified building in the heart of Metrotown in Burnaby, a townhome development on Lake Okanagan or even a 124-acre blueberry farm in east Richmond (and still have $9 million left over).