Chinese-Canadian group denounced racial attack against Asians and China’s government

A group of Chinese-Canadians released a statement to condemn the rise of racism amid the pandemic, and they also called for “an independent investigation of China handling of the COVID-19.”

The letter, dated on May 6, was issued by 13 figures from different walks of life, including Ken Tung, past chairman of non-profit social services organization SUCCESS and Eleanor Yuen, former head of Asian library at the University of British Columbia.

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The letter stated that the current racist attacks and anger against people of Chinese or Asian descent is “misdirected and scapegoating the wrong party.”

“Sadly, we have recently noticed a rise of hate crimes against people of Chinese or Asian descent, in the forms of vandalism, verbal or even physical attack. The perpetrators seem to be irrationally venting their anger against people of Chinese or Asian descent whom they apparently assume to be the cause or carriers of this disastrous pandemic,” read the statement.

Tommy Tao, a retired lawyer, told the Richmond News that he and fellow group members feel a strong urge to speak out following a recent spike in racist attacks against Chinese-Canadians, questioning their loyalty to Canada.

Luckily, the majority of Canadians stand up against hate and racism, added Tao.

In addition, the statement said they denounce the Chinese Communist Party’s suppression of whistle-blowers and call for an independent investigation into the responsibility of the CCP government.

“And we don’t want this global health investigation to be evaded and to be side-tracked by a racial discrimination issue. However, we also shall remain vigilant against anyone trying to hijack this pandemic health issue to promote racism and generate racist attacks,” they said.

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