Led Zeppelin all the way for all-female tribute band

Sherri Chisholm remembers the first time she heard a Led Zeppelin track.

Sherri Chisholm remembers the first time she heard a Led Zeppelin track.

She was 13, babysitting for a family friend and thinking to herself “Holy mama” as the Immigrant Song sent shivers up and down her spine.

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About two decades later, the Centennial secondary grad formed — what is believed to be — the first all-female Led Zeppelin tribute band in Canada.

Zeppelina was relatively successful, touring B.C. and Alberta and playing about a show a month locally, but — like most bands — it also had its rotation of band members over the years.

Last year, it reinvented itself as Dazed ’n Amused (a play on Zepplin’s song, Dazed and Confused) with Chisholm on drums, Naomi “Freddie” Nash on guitar, Jean Tejkel on bass guitar and Sarah Flanagan on vocals.

On Saturday night, they’ll join Eye Bender and The Eleven Twelves at Pub 340 (340 Cambie St.,Vancouver) for a show booked by IMU Productions.

Their set is in the middle of the gig, at 10:30 p.m., lasting for an hour.

“There’s so much to cram in because Led Zeppelin has such a huge, huge amount of repertoire,” the Coquitlam resident said, “but we just go from one song to another without stopping. The crowd loves it.”

Chisholm said the band often has fans telling them how they link certain Zeppelin tunes to childhood memories: a house party, a driving test, a first kiss.

“There are so many that really stick for some people,” Chisholm said, adding, “That Robert Plant wail, that crazy guitar sound of Jimmy Page. We don’t pretend to be them but we do try to capture their essence because we can’t see them live anymore.”

Still, the rock musicians have got tickets to see Plant at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre in Vancouver on June 29. “We’re pretty sure he doesn’t know we exist but we’d love to meet him in person to tell him what an inspiration he is to us and so many others.”




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