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This is why travellers may see people wearing hazmat suits at YVR airport

It's a common sight at the airport.
hazmat suits YVR airport
Some travellers are reporting seeing people wearing hazmat suits at the YVR airport in Vancouver, B.C. Here's what's going on.

Travelling for the Thanksgiving holiday? You may spot a peculiar sight while cutting the queue at security screening. 

Some travellers have shared their sightings of people wearing hazmat suits and face shields at Vancouver's YVR airport, expressing uncertainty about what might be going on. 



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However, YVR Airport tells Vancouver Is Awesome that the hazmat suits are not something to be concerned about and are actually a common sight. 

It's actually a bit of ongoing precaution against the transmission of COVID-19. 

"Some Asian carriers require that their crews wear hazmat suits out of extreme caution. Asian crews are seen in these hazmat suits at YVR relatively regularly," says a Vancouver Airport Authority spokesperson.

Don't be alarmed if you spot a hazmat-wearing crew on your next trip. 


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