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Letter: Go on, Coquitlam city council, take a cold shower at CCAC

The lockers don't work at the City Centre Aquatic Complex and neither do the showers, writes a user of the Coquitlam rec centre.
Water coming out of a shower head.

The Editor,

The City of Coquitlam is continually blowing its horn about the new recreational and other amenities that are coming on line, on which I congratulate you; however it's at the cost of existing amenities.

A prime example are the showers and change rooms at CCAC (City Centre Aquatic Complex).

During evening prime time, pool and gym users are at a loss to find a locker as numerous ones are not in working condition.

Then there are the showers, which with today's environmental concerns have no shut off or any controls to regulate the temperature.

This is a shameful use of energy to heat the water and an extreme waste of water.

Then, let’s talk about the water temperature: It is either very cold or dangerously hot.

The only way to be able to take a shower is to turn on all the showers so the water heater cannot keep up to the preset temperature.

This has been an ongoing problem for over two years. It seems to coincide with when the addition to CCAC was concluded.

I challenge the mayor and council members to take a daily shower for one week and see what CCAC users have to put up with.

- Eric Koch, Coquitlam