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Letter: Pioneer Memorial Park in Port Moody shouldn't be used for beer festivals

Pioneer Memorial Park is not an appropriate site for a beer festival that is likely to attract over 1,000 attendees, this letter writer states.
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Members of Port Moody's parks and recreation commission expressed concerns about the impact a beer and music festival in Pioneer Memorial Park might have on its healing garden and meditation space.

The Editor,

Shame on the four Port Moody city councillors who voted in favour of Pioneer Memorial Park being used as the site for the Brewhalla Festival 2023.

Kudos to Couns. Callan Morrison, Haven Lurbiecki and Amy Lubik for voting against this motion.

Pioneer Memorial Park is a special place for families living in apartments to use as a quiet and peaceful spot especially in the summer when cooling stations are offered on its shady grounds and to picnic.

Children use it in the summer for summer camp activities.

Special library activities designed for children are conducted there.

In the centre of this unique little park is the lovely Labyrinth Healing Garden.

This was constructed by the nearby Crossroads Hospice in partnership with the City of Port Moody. Labyrinths are used as a form of walking meditation. The Labyrinth Healing Garden in Pioneer Memorial Park was created to help the bereaved find healing and hope in the midst of loss. Walking the labyrinth encourages participants to move forward physically while they inwardly reflect on their journey through devastating loss.

At the centre of the labyrinth is a Tree of Hearts bearing the names of those who are being mourned. Close by is another healing device, The Phone of the Wind, used by those who still long to have conversations with lost loved ones.

Pioneer Memorial Park is true to its name; it is a place of deep, heartfelt remembering in a unique outdoor setting.

Pioneer Memorial Park was deemed not suitable last year when protesters were listened to and an alternative site for the Brewhalla Festival 2022 was found.

Two highly respected organizations, Crossroads Hospice and the Parks and Recreation Commission, have already registered their opposition, as have some residents.

This is not an appropriate site for a beer festival that is likely to attract over 1,000 attendees. It is important to note that this is not a family event, children are unable to attend.

Our small neighbourhood park is being hijacked for purposes that run counter to its purpose.

I urge the Port Moody council to reconsider its decision, rescind the present motion and find an alternative place for this event.

By doing this, you will be showing us that you do indeed hear and respect the voices of those who use Pioneer Memorial Park.

Pioneer Memorial Park is a place for quiet refuge, families, children and for remembering the lives of loved ones.

Carla McGhie
Port Moody