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Letter: Thank you for supporting this Port Coquitlam preschool for 50 years

I offer you fond wishes for the future, PoCo Happy Times, writes Jo Sheridan.
Happy Times Preschool in Port Coquitlam.

The Editor:

It was a great honour for me, as the preschool's founder, to attend PoCo Happy Times Preschool's 50th birthday celebrations on March 10.

I was thrilled and bursting with pride to see all that Happy Times has accomplished.

Thank you to all the organizers of that amazing event.

Thank you to the countless participating parents over the past 50 years.

Thank you to the superlative teachers, particularly Gloria Aitken, who dedicated 29 years to Happy Times.

Thank you to the first president, Pat Dales, and the first teacher, Amy Fishman, for setting the happy, loving, nurturing tone of the preschool, which clearly exists to this day.

Thank you to the former pastor of Southside Baptist Church, James Rouse, who stoutly supported the newly begun preschool's use for several years of the church hall. 

Thank you to former mayor Jack Campbell who, despite the initial opposition of every town council member. not only supported the idea of the preschool, but was instrumental in its getting an operating licence.

Most of all, thank you to the many hundreds of pre-schoolers who enjoyed a unique preschool experience.

This set you up for the future in wonderful ways and now you are able to give back to your community and families.

That's what it's all about really, isn't it? Receiving and giving back!

I offer you fond wishes for the future, PoCo Happy Times!

- Jo Sheridan