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'Award-winning level of incompetence': Metro Vancouverites outraged over snow removal plan

"How am I supposed to get to the bus stop if I'm walking through a f*cking tundra?"
It's "Snowmageddon 2022" in Vancouver, and locals have all sorts of takes on the experience of navigating the city in the snow Dec. 20.

Metro Vancouverites woke up to several feet of snowfall Tuesday (Dec. 20) morning following the biggest winter storm of the year.

Downtown Vancouver received 30 cm of snowfall overnight, while other areas, such as Tsawwassen and South Surrey, received as much as 35 cm, according to Environment Canada's weather summaries. 

While the snowfall warning is no longer in effect for the region, TransLink says commuters should continue to expect "considerable delays, particularly on the bus network, and avoid travelling where possible."

Locals took to social media early Tuesday morning to share images of the fresh snowfall, showcasing accumulation amounts across the city and greater Vancouver area. 

One man commented, "Due to snow, Vancouver is closed," characterizing the rare weather event as "Snowmageddon 2022."

The Vancouver Public Library's Main Branch also shared an image of its location covered in snow, noting that opening hours were affected at its various branches. 

While the snow event wreaked havoc on commuters, many alpine enthusiasts were eager to take advantage of ideal conditions on the local ski hills.

An image shows a massive line-up for the bus heading up to the North Shore mountains. 

While many buses were delayed or cancelled this morning, many cars were also stuck on the road. Someone shared a picture of a vehicle that was stuck in the middle of an intersection after its driver tried to make a right turn. 

Places with slightly higher elevations saw many more of these issues, as tires spun out trying to push up icy inclines. 

Metro Vancouver weather sparks angry response from commuters

Naturally,  many people were angry, with several of them lamenting the road conditions. Some of them blamed the city, nothing that roads weren't plowed. 

One person said it "took twice as long to get to work" while another said that "the way this city handles snow is laughable."

Another individual summed up the snow efforts as "an award-winning level of incompetence."

Some adults pined for their childhoods when they could simply frolic in the snow and not worry about its ramifications. 

On a brighter note, numerous good Samaritans pulled on their snow boots and broke out their shovels to help keep conditions safe for commuters and people out on walks. 

And, of course, other Vancouverites made the most of the winter wonderland by fashioning the fresh snowfall into creative designs, such as a curious snow cat and an elaborate DNA molecule (full points for creativity on that one).