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Prince George gains 1,000 jobs in a month

Despite the gains, there were 6,600 fewer people working in the city than a year ago.
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A thousand more people were working in Prince George in July than in June, according to data released by Statistics Canada on Friday.

Roughly 49,500 people were working in the city in July, up from 48,500 the month before. The city’s unemployment rate stayed steady at 8.8 per cent, as roughly 1,100 working-age people entered the workforce.

The city’s labour force participation rate, the percentage of working-age adults working or actively seeking work, increased to 64.4 in July – up from 63.3 per cent in June.

Prince George’s job market is markedly down, compared to a year ago. In July 2022 there were roughly 56,100 people working in the city, the unemployment rate was 5.4 per cent and the labour force participation rate was 71.6 per cent.

There were roughly 4,800 people seeking work in Prince George in July, compared with 3,200 in July 2022.

Prince George’s unemployment rate last month was higher than the B.C. (5.4 per cent) and national (5.5 per cent) averages.

"Earlier today, Statistics Canada's Labour Force Survey reported that B.C.'s economy is holding steady this month with a 4,100 increase in full-time jobs and a 5,700 decrease in part-time jobs, reflecting the effects of the Bank of Canada's interest rate hikes across the country. B.C. continues to add full-time jobs to its economy, with all of B.C.'s job growth so far this year in full-time jobs for a total 32,500 in 2023,” B.C. Jobs Minister Brenda Bailey said. “While British Columbians and local economies are experiencing the stresses of global inflation, interest rate hikes, wildfire, droughts and supply chain disruptions, we're continuing to support people and businesses now and for the future.”