I'm tired of feeling like a sweaty, disgusting mess on public transit

As the gas prices continue to soar, I have found myself taking transit more often.

But I don’t necessarily like it.

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Sure, part of that is because I have been spoiled by driving a climate-controlled vehicle in which I can play the music as loud as I want.

I admit I can be a bit of a princess, so when I get on transit I often feel uncomfortable.

Part of feeling uncomfortable is that I’m on the heavy side, but part is also the temperature on buses and SkyTrain. Transit, to me, often feels like a sweltering hell-hole when the weather is nice.

Am I the only one who feels too hot on transit?

TransLink’s Buzzer Blog tackled this issue in a recent post.

Apparently, some of the TransLink fleet is air conditioned – especially the buses that have been added since 2012 - I just never seem to be on those buses with AC.

“As we renew and expand our fleet, they’re making up a larger portion of our fleet,” reads the blog, so that’s good news. “If you’re onboard a bus that has air conditioning, let’s keep those windows shut so the air conditioning can do its job.”

Why can't I feel as comfortable as these people on transit. TRANSLINK PHOTO

I will definitely look for anyone opening windows on buses with AC.

The Buzzer Blog also explains why some buses can feel suffocating.

“Climate control means there are times when it seems that both the heating and cooling is on simultaneously. This is so the system can ‘dry’ or dehumidify the air on a cold or humid day.”

As for SkyTrain, the Mark II and III trains both have cooling and heating systems.

It’s the Mark I trains that make me feel like a sweaty mess because they only have a heating system: “So over summer, pop those windows open to keep cool. There are also overhead fans that help with cooling too.”

Yeah, those open windows don't help much.

Sometimes it’s not just the heat, but the person you are sitting or standing close to because their, um, lack of hygiene is completely lacking.

So shower up you filthy pig – I don’t want to smell your B.O. while I’m sweltering on an old bus or SkyTrain car.

And here’s hoping TransLink will be able to phase out the parts of its fleet that don’t have AC.

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