Letter: 'Dear Straight People' rant was belittling to straight people


Re: Dear Straight People: Here's how I'm celebrating Straight Pride Day, NOW Opinion, June 28

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I have to wonder if the belittling and mocking nature of Julie MacLellan’s opinion piece “Dear Straight People” really is the best way to provide education on the meaning of Pride day. 

When a letter is addressed directly to me as “Dear straight people” and immediately makes the statement that I may be “feeling hard done by” and that my “tender little feelings have been hurt,” it portrays to me that she is feeling some sort of superiority complex over this situation. 

It is great that Julie has a list of life events that she didn’t feel any repression. I have doubts that listing these events in this tone help her provide education to others on what the meaning of celebrating the Pride communities social and self-acceptance, achievements and legal rights is really about. 

Pointing out that she is providing education to any “jokers” who are inferior as they may be missing the interpretation of the information and that by doing so “that it would make your delicate little straight head spin” seems contrary to the inclusiveness being celebrated.

Providing advice to a group that she states that doesn’t believe will even take it along with “Sit down” and “Shut up” seem like unlikely methods for helping educate anyone on any topic.  

Maybe a real education piece rather than a berating rant could be included next time. 

Karl Bridge 


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