Book of the Week: Lock Every Door

Something sinister lurks beneath the gothic splendour of the Bartholomew.

Something sinister lurks beneath the gothic splendour of the Bartholomew.

In Lock Every Door by Riley Sager, Jules Larsen can’t believe her luck when she scores a job apartment sitting in one of New York’s most prominent residences, the Bartholomew.

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With gargoyles guarding the building, sweeping views of Central Park and celebrity neighbours, the gig seems almost too good to be true.

Quickly, however, Jules realizes the job comes with a lot of rules — ones that are equally strict and strange.

After befriending Ingrid, a fellow apartment sitter, Jules learns of the building’s disturbing history.

Although unsettling, it’s not quite enough to dissuade her from an easy paycheque.

When Ingrid suddenly vanishes, Jules begins to wonder if the building’s dark past isn’t just ancient history.

What secrets are hiding behind the walls of the Bartholomew?

As Jules uncovers more and more about the building and its occupants, it becomes clear that Ingrid isn’t the first apartment sitter to disappear from the job.

With impending danger inching closer and closer, Jules must make a choice: stay or go — before it’s too late.

Borrow this heart-pounding thriller that will forever change the way you look at prestigious old apartment buildings. 

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