Book of the Week: The Rage of Dragons

The Rage of Dragons by Evan Winter

The Rage of Dragons doesn’t start with elaborate descriptions to set the scene.

It doesn’t give lengthy explanations to introduce the players or the world they live in.

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The story begins by dropping readers right into an epic battle — with dragons, of course.

In this African-inspired fantasy world created by debut author Evan Winter, a very select few are born gifted. Women who are gifted can draw power from the underworld and command dragons by summoning them and controlling them with their minds.

Men who are gifted can temporarily turn into giants and gain superhuman strength.  

Tau is not one of the gifted. Like Kaladin in The Stormlight Archive series, he starts off as a nobody.

Being a “Lesser” in a world where people are strictly divided into classes, Tau knows he is going to end up being a dispensable front-line soldier and die fighting the endless war in which his tribe has been engaged for hundreds of years.

His original plan is to fake an injury so he has an excuse to stay home. But when he loses a loved one because he has caused offence to a noble, Tau vows revenge.

To stand a fighting chance against the killers responsible, Tau will have to get much stronger as quickly as possible.

He will do anything to acquire this strength, even if it means risking his life — or surrendering himself to the monsters in the underworld. 

Readers who love a fast-paced fantasy novel will embrace The Rage of Dragons.

The story never lets up and the vividly painted sequences in the underworld will leave you gasping for air.

The magic system is fresh and unique, and behind the powers of the gifted lie dark secrets.

This is a promising start to a new series and the next book is slated to be published in summer 2020. 

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