Book of the Week: You Owe Me a Murder

You Owe Me a Murder by Eileen Cook

Kim is dreading the school trip to London.

It should have been one of the highlights of her life but, having broken up with Connor, she is not too keen on seeing him and his new girlfriend together throughout the trip.

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Then she meets Nicki at the airport.

Kim finds a kindred spirit in Nicki right away.

Nicki tells her all about her horrible mother and Kim pours her heart out about Connor.

The world would be better off without those two for sure, they both thought.

Well, Nicki has a solution to their misery: She will kill Connor and Kim will kill her mom.

Given that they are complete strangers to one another, no one will ever suspect. It’s the perfect murder.

Kim knows it’s just a joke, so she plays along, making a list of why Connor deserves to die and plotting his demise.

A few days later, Connor falls onto the train tracks and dies. Kim is horrified, especially after hearing he might have been pushed.

Did Nicki think they were serious about murder?

You Owe Me a Murder by Eileen Cook is the perfect beach read.

A one-sitting psychological thriller, this book is full of sinister twists, turns and misdirection that will keep you guessing.

Kim is a likeable, resourceful character. Let’s hope she can keep up with the mysterious, diabolical Nicki.

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