What's that smell? You can now get Quarter Pounder scented candles from McDonald's

Burn all six together "for maximum deliciousness."

What do you get for the person who falls in that Venn diagram overlap zone of "people who love McDonald's Quarter Pounders" and "people who love scented candles"?

Obviously, the answer is Quarter Pounder Scented Candles.

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This is not the impossible dream, either. McDonald's has just revealed a line-up of "merch" for Quarter Pounder enthusiasts, among them a set of six scented candles that collectively represent the aromas of the fast food giant's popular burger.

The candle set features the following QP scents: Bun, Ketchup, Pickle, Cheese, Onion, and 100% Fresh Beef.

McDs suggests burning the sextet together "for maximum deliciousness." 

Mind you, if your home is on the market, you might want to consider just using the QP candles decoratively. The Golden Arches' logic flies in the face of research that indicates would-be buyers prefer single, simple, clean scents when touring a home. Yogis may also want to think twice before firing up "Onion" and "Bun" before rolling out their mats for an om session, too, unless your moments of zen are shrouded in the scent of "100% Fresh Beef."

If you still want to flaunt your fandom of the Quarter Pounder, the candles are just one offering in Mickey D's line-up. There's also a $25 2020 calendar and a set of mittens - perhaps not terribly ideal investments as spring approaches. You can also rock a QP fan club pin, locket, sticker, and t-shirt, too. McDonald's says they are rolling out the items, and will announce each release on their Instagram page.

One small wrinkle, however, is that the merch, sold through McDonald's Golden Arches Unlimited, is a promo that is only happening in the U.S. and not up here in Canada. 

So if you do end up ordering up a set of Quarter Pounder scented candles, you'll first need a U.S. address to ship to, and then the courage to confess your love of the burger when you cross the border with it.

Of course, considering there's this burger-smelling candle collection now, McDonald's has left us with one burning question: Can we have fries with that?

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