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These Vancouver dentists do 'Teeth in One Day' complete makeovers

The power of a smile changes your whole perspective of the world around you and paves the way to living healthier.

The power of a smile changes your whole perspective of the world around you and paves the way to living healthier.

Have you found yourself trying to cover your mouth when speaking or been afraid to smile because of chipped, stained, misaligned or missing teeth, receding gums or loose dentures? Taking care of your mouth should be a top priority to regain new confidence and obtain better health. The experts at BC Perio Dental Health & Implant Centre can bring complete wellness to your mouth and find a solution that is the right fit for you and your lifestyle.

BC Perio is a leader in the dentistry field, striving to educate patients about dental options to improve their quality of life. They can help people with a variety of concerns such as teeth grinding, loose or missing teeth, and more.

Dr. Bobby Birdi heads up the team of dedicated specialists to provide all perio dental health and implant services under one roof, using state of the art technology.

They are proud to be a one-stop clinic to provide all aspects of care. Dr. Birdi is the only specialist in the world to be Canadian and American board certified in both Periodontics and Prosthodontics. He says the centre can restore your entire mouth back to health, back to aesthetic, cosmetic, and functional ability so you are able to speak, eat and smile the way you want to, with confidence.

"Wow. My gums have never felt so good! Your professional and highly trained staff should be congratulated. I wish I had come to see you guys sooner." raves patient Simon Hinckfuss.

It's even possible for full mouth rejuvenation treatment to be done as "Teeth in One Day" with little or no pain. And they do it right the first time.

Patient Olena P. says, "if you would like to get your comfort and beautiful smile back. Dr. Birdi literally changed my life with the excellent work he did over an extended period of time. His professional expertise, integrity and compassionate concern for the person who desperately needs help are most appreciated. Thank you for giving me back my smile."

Meet some of BC Perio's team of experts:

Prosthodontics specialist Dr. Faraj Edher goes above and beyond to help patients. He focuses on cosmetic transformations and implant reconstructions using the most advanced digital technology. Everything he does has to be perfect and beautiful. Dr Edher shares his expertise as a Clinical Assistant Professor and guest lecturer at University of British Columbia on digital dentistry and dental implants.

Periodontics specialist Dr. Rana Tarzemany utilizes cutting edge research to restore oral health and provide the best quality of care for her patients. Dr. Tarzemany focuses on the molecular mechanisms of wound healing and scar formation. Dr. Tarzemany has gained valuable training in all aspects of implant and periodontal surgeries including gingival grafting to repair gum recession. This innovative procedure does not require tissue to be harvested from the palate, making it less painful with only one wound site to heal. Dr. Tarzemany has a Diploma in Periodontics and is one of the few Periodontics with a PhD in the field. In 2015, Dr. Tarzemany was the first Canadian to win the highly prestigious international Volpe Competition that recognizes the best periodontal research from the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Puerto Rico. She is a teaching fellow at UBC.

Denturist David Carney works with patients and specialists in the clinic to design dentures. He has dual licenses as a Denturist and Registered Dental Technician and only wants the best for each of his patients. He takes pride in crafting dentures that provide the perfect fit and ideal comfort for patients.

Carney says, "The full digital dentures are designed to work in harmony with your existing teeth and facial structure. Eating, smiling and enjoying life will all happen without your denture causing worry." He provides denture services with implant dentures, SEMCD lower suction dentures, milled dentures, conventional dentures, partial dentures, repairs and relines.