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Coquitlam teen in youth version of the musical smash CATS

Grace Han plays the character Jellylorum in the pared down musical that runs in Vancouver this week.
13-year-old Coquitlam actor Grace Han is pictured on the right (with orange hair) for CATS.

A Coquitlam teen will portray a feline this summer in CATS: Young Actors Edition put on by the Children’s Theatre of Richmond (CTORA).

Grace Han, 13, plays the character Jellylorum in the pared down musical that runs until Sunday (Aug. 7) at Vancouver's PAL Studio Theatre (581 Cardero St.).

Based on the Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats by T.S. Eliot, the show by Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber debuted in 1981 and tells the tale of the Jellicle cats that want to ascend after death to the "Heaviside Layer."

It’s also best known for the songs Memory, Old Deuteronomy and The Jellicle Ball.

The CTORA version, which is directed by Mark Carter with musical direction from Jeremy Hoffman, features a cast under 18.

"This is the type of show in which everybody can have their moments to shine," said Carter, who is also the founding artistic director of DSR Productions, in a news release.

CTORA founder Lily Yuan and her production partners spent six months holding auditions and preparing the costumes for the production.

And choreographer Ken Overbey said the audience will see the cat actors spilling out from all parts of the theatre venue.

Tickets for CATS: Young Actors Edition range from $20.50 to $27.50 plus the service fee.

You can visit CTORA's website for more details.