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A $1 pop brought this Port Coquitlam woman to tears. Here's why

Despite the high cost of food, one Port Coquitlam business owner dropped the price of pop so one child without money could get a drink. Hyde Creek Recreation Centre snack bar owner now getting praise.
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Inflation may be hitting food prices but one Port Coquitlam business shaved costs to be kind to a child.

Inflation is hitting the price of food so hard that most people don't have enough in their wallet to cover basic groceries.

And that's exactly what happened to a youngster who tried to get a drink at a recreation centre in Port Coquitlam recently.

The Hyde Creek Recreation Centre in PoCo is an aquatics complex with a lap and leisure pool, steam room and sauna, as well as a fitness area and sport courts.

For many people who hang out, the concession centre owned by Yeon Sill Lee is a calm oasis, where you can get everything from sandwiches to burgers, fries and fried chicken.

It sees so many people during the week that most exchanges take place unnoticed.

But one particular conversation stands out and shows how business owners are often kind and generous even while facing challenging times.

The entire conversation was explained on a PoCo Facebook group by Alisha Koubi, who agreed to let the Tri-City News recount the adorable story in full.

"There is so much negativity and sharing of terrible experiences, I always try to look for the positive ones and this one actually made me cry," said Koubi.

Conversation overhead on social media

Here's how her story went:

"Sitting at Hyde Creek right now and doing some work near the concession while my child swims. 

Got to overhear this… 

The owner of the concession is approached by a young boy, maybe around 10 years old. 

Boy: “How much are the drinks?”

Owner: “They’re $1.95”

Boy: ”Oh, I only have a dollar”

Owner: “Oh, I was wrong. We have a sale today. They’re $1” 

Boy: “Wow. Really!!!!”

Owner: “Yes, but it’s just for today” 

The boy bought his pop and thanked the owner and off he went.

After the boy left, with tears in my eyes, I put a twoonie in tip jar and the thanked the owner.

"What a sweet and kind person and how lucky are we to have such a place in our community! She really seemed to think nothing of it, but it’s just so kind. While that kid will probably always think he caught a lucky sale, we know that it’s just kindness that he caught. 

I hope you’ll all stop by and grab a treat and help support this family owned business."

According to the City of Port Coquitlam, the café owners are "wonderful people and truly part of the Hyde Creek community."