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Adel Gamar launches second campaign for Coquitlam mayor

The Douglas College board chair last ran for the seat in 2018, and is running again because he believes he can bring a "new approach" to city hall.
Adel Gamar is running a second time for Coquitlam mayor in the 2022 civic election in October.

A Coquitlam for everyone.

That's Adel Gamar's campaign statement as he's set to take a second attempt at becoming the city's next mayor in the upcoming municipal election — set for Oct. 15, 2022.

Gamar publicly announced his candidacy today (June 27).

He was the runner-up in 2018 to current Mayor Richard Stewart, who won a fourth term with 69.56 per cent of the final vote.

Gamar earned 26.93 per cent of the ballots cast four years ago.

Challenges and issues in the city may have changed since, but Gamar believes he's come up with a new vision that can meet local residents' needs.

"Coquitlam is no longer the city of my youth. It's not even the same city it was a decade ago," he said in a news release, claiming local cities are starting to become a key factor in addressing global challenges.

"Today's challenges require new thinking and a new approach that can pull our diverse community together based on shared values and goals."

According to his campaign, Gamar lists housing, child care, mental health, environment and continued recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic as some of the issues impacting Coquitlam.

The father of five says he also wants to do what he can to address the rising cost of living for local families.

"My story is rooted in the people of Coquitlam. they are the reason I am running," said Gamar, adding he wants to build a foundation of "respect, collaboration and understanding" in city hall.

"I am constantly in awe of the passion, creativity and new ideas expressed by the people of Coquitlam. It's a remarkable city.

"My parents taught me that if you can make a difference in people's lives, you have a moral obligation to do it."

Gamar co-founded of the Gamar Foundation with his wife, Naomi — a non-profit for young people to engage and connect with their communities.

He immigrated to Canada in 1987, graduated from Centennial Secondary, is on the board of directors for the Tri-Cities Chamber of Commerce (TCCC) and currently serves as board chair for Douglas College.

Gamar is the only person to publicly announce their candidacy for Coquitlam mayor, as of this publication.

There are currently three known councillor candidates for the city: Matt Djonlic, Ali Tootian and Harvey Su.

Gamar's full platform can be read on his campaign website.

You can contact him directly by phone at 778-903-1238 or by email:

As well, the TCCC has scheduled a series of all-candidates debates for local 2022 civic elections.

Coquitlam mayor and council nominees will get the chance to speak to the issues that matter to them, and take questions from the public, at the Evergreen Cultural Centre on Sept. 22.