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Anmore cougar sighting prompts call to keep dogs leashed, cats indoors

Big cats are roaming in urban areas looking for deer and other small prey
A cougar saunters down an road in Anmore on Saturday morning
A cougar saunters down an road in Anmore on Saturday morning. People are encouraged to keep their dogs leashed and cats indoors to avoid encounters with the big cats.

A cougar spotted in Anmore could be looking for deer or other small prey, prompting a warning to keep cats indoors and dogs leashed when walking outdoors.

That’s the advice of the BC Conservation Officer Service which received a report about the big cat spotted in Anmore and another in Maple Ridge.

Anmore resident Matthew Campbell posted on Facebook a security camera photo of a large cougar walking up Leggett Drive on Saturday morning at 7 a.m.

Lord said people can take steps to be safe.

“If you do see them make lots of noise, make yourself look big and slowly back away, and you should keep your pets leashed,” said said CO Austin Lord.

Unleashed dogs could draw the animal in closer to humans, said Lord, who said the safest course is to leash up dogs and walk in groups when on trails in the local woods.

“If people do see them, we appreciate the phone calls just to track where they are and what’s going on with them.”

He also recommended visiting the website for more information about B.C. wildlife, and the Bear Aware program.

The number to call for wildlife conflicts is the RAPP line at 1-877-952-7277.