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Candles lit along Port Moody trail sparks public safety warning as police investigate

Lit candles were found along a trail in a forested area near Capilano Road, leading to increased patrols and a plea to the public for more information.
Port Moody Police candles on trails - July 12, 2021
A red candle was found lit along a trail near Capilano Road in Port Moody the weekend of July 10, 2021, threatening the local forested and residential areas.

As we've been hearing for several weeks regarding B.C.'s wildfire season, even the smallest of sparks can cause a big problem.

On Saturday night (July 10), Port Moody police (PMPD) sent out a tweet explaining several lit candles were found along a trail behind 100- and 200-block Capilano Road, which consists of forested areas and residential neighbourhoods.

Several reports have come forward from witnesses and local residents, but no other candles have been found since the weekend warning.

"In each instance, a red wax candle was found lit, precariously close to shrubs and trees in the trail [...] which runs north and south," Const. Sam Zacharias tells the Tri-City News.

"It is certainly a concern when an ignited fire source is left in an area that could so easily catch fire. The devastation of wildfires is very real right now across the province and incidents like these are certainly cause for concern."

Zacharias says there's no update to the PMPD's investigation — as of this publication (July 13) — in terms of who may have placed the candles along the trail or why.

However, he says increased patrols are in the area to monitor the potential threat.

"As it’s a candle, I would suggest the public to safely blow it out and call our non-emergency line right away to report the findings," Zacharias adds.

"For any threatening fire situation, occurring in the city of Port Moody, we ask that you call our partners at Port Moody Fire Rescue immediately."

Police are also urging anyone with more information about the lit candles — or suspicious activity in general — to call 604-461-3456. 


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