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Chips, pop and candy from all over the world at this Port Coquitlam shop

A convenience store in Montrose Square is becoming the go-to place for people who enjoy unique snacks from China, France, Japan, Korea, Vietnam and the U.S.

A snack shop tucked away in Port Coquitlam's newest development has become a fan favourite among candy, pop and chip lovers with discerning tastes.

Ilu's Convenience Store has been in Montrose Square (3160-2180 Kelly Ave.) for about 10 months and has become the go-to for around 400 residents in the area, as well as families visiting Port Coquitlam Community Centre for swimming, hockey and lacrosse.

In addition to daily items, such as paper products, canned goods, and pet food, Ilu's sells snacks from all over the world, including Kit Kat bars from Japan, 7-Up from France, Lay's chips from Vietnam, breakfast cereal from the U.S. and candy from Korea.

Owner Sukh Duggal told the Tri-City News he enjoys how snacks have become a cultural phenomenon, with name-brands offering unique flavours from different countries in the world.

"I see a lot of other cultures trying different products, it's a very good thing," the 23-year-old entreprenuer said.

Most of the products you can't find anywhere else, Duggal added, who started his business online.

New flavours of chips, energy drinks

He's following in his father's footsteps with the business as Duggal's dad owned a convenience store in Vancouver before retiring.

And while Duggal also hopes to pursue a career in law enforcement one day, the KPU criminology grad and former police services volunteer, is enjoying his role as snack czar to the Port Coquitlam community.

"I'm passionate about snacks and law enforcement."

Among the intriguing flavours offered are taro and lime and chicken-flavoured chips, and Mojito — a 7-Up drink from France with a mint lemon flavour that hits your taste buds like a Mac truck.

There are also more than 100 flavours of Kit Kat bars, with flavours such as Milk Tea and Cheese Cake and Oreo cookies that come in coffee flavour.

Bagged candies are available in multiple flavours, boxes of sugary cereal with flavours line the well-stocked shelves and there's also Mackintosh toffee bars — a favourite when this reporter was a kid.

You can even get a giant pickle in a pouch.

Energy drinks made popular on TikTok

Ilu's also sells popular Prime Energy Drinks in tempting flavours, such as Blue Raspberry and Orange Mango.

Prime Energy Drinks are a caffeinated beverage that are all the rage after being promoted by English rapper and social media star KSI, and US Youtuber Logan Paul, who have a combined TikTok follower count of 27 million and almost 40 million on YouTube. 

On the day the Tri-City News visited, a young couple was 'ooing' and 'ahing' over the treat selection, which also includes ice cream..

"These are for me," squealed the woman, as she pulled out a Snickers ice cream bar.

A Sonic ice cream treat was also selected and it wasn't long before she and her partner had a handful of snacks as they headed out the door.

For shop owner Sukh Duggal, it's just another day at the office.

"I love putting smiles on people's faces," Duggal said.