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Combined $255K investment brings 21 more EV charging stations to Coquitlam

Electric vehicle owners to find relief and charging options in eight more locations across the city thanks to municipal and federal funds.
EV charging
Coquitlam will add four more EV charging locations this spring.

Coquitlam electric vehicle charging stations have received an extra jolt, courtesy of several levels of government.

This week, an investment of $255,000 was awarded to install 21 ports to meet the demand from EV owners looking for convenient spots to charge across the city.

On Thursday (July 29), Coquitlam-Port Coquitlam MP Ron McKinnon announced Canada's contribution of $105,000 to the projects via Natural Resources Canada's Zero-Emission Vehicle Infrastructure Program. Coquitlam is picking up the rest of the tab at $155,000.

In a news release, Mayor Richard Stewart said this latest investment for electric vehicle charging stations will help move the city forward in its goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 40% by 2025.

"With this additional funding, we now have 10 locations serving 25 parking stalls with Level 2 chargers," he explained. 

"We are also using the full breadth of our local government abilities to look at the future needs for EVs in our community. For example, this includes requiring Level 2 chargers in new multi-family developments and also bringing Level 1 chargers to currently underserved areas through a pilot project. But it is only through all levels of government working together that we can make an impact on climate change."

Coquitlam's current EV charging locations are as follows:

  • Blue Mountain Park
  • Burke Mountain Discovery Centre
  • City Centre Aquatic Centre
  • Coquitlam city hall
  • Emerson Street
  • Innovation Centre
  • Mackin Park
  • Poirier Library
  • Poirier Sports and Leisure Complex
  • The Tennis Centre (Foster Avenue)

You can find all current EV charging station locations by visiting Coquitlam's website, as well as more information on the city's climate action strategy.

"Making electric vehicles more affordable and accessible to Canadians is a key part of our plan to create a healthier future and a stronger economy and to reach net zero by 2050," said MP McKinnon in the same statement.

"By installing charging stations in Coquitlam and our communities, we are cutting pollution and creating good jobs here in British Columbia and across the country."

Additonally, BC Hydro received $325,000 from the federal government to install 65 EV ports across the province.

All ports are set to be ready for use by December 2021.