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Coquitlam actor cast in college play about an island evacuation

Kiyomi Hoover appears in Douglas College play "Further than the Furthest Thing," which opens in New Westminster on Friday, March 22, 2024.
Coquitlam resident Kiyomi Hoover.

A Coquitlam resident is cast in a Douglas College play that opens on Friday, March 22, in New Westminster.

Alumna Kiyomi Hoover joins Bradley Wade, Oscar Pacheco, Sarah Ibarra and Jono Klassen in Further than the Furthest Thing, a production by Scottish playwright Zinnie Harris that’s based on the tiny community of Tristan da Cunha.

Set in 1961, the award-winning story was inspired by Harris’ mother who once lived on the remote island in the south Atlantic Ocean.

Directed by Deborah Neville, the show by the college’s departments of Theatre and Stagecraft & Event Technology focuses on survival and how people adapt in times of crisis.

"Just like the movement of tectonic plates, each character's decisions have seismic consequences that affect the other characters,” Neville said in a news release.

“They are completely connected and, as each character decides to reveal or conceal information, all the others are substantially jarred or moved. And we keep having these incredible moments of friction, tension, eruption.”

Last year, Hoover starred in the college’s stage adaptation of Virginia Woolf’s novel Orlando; she was also part of the Riotous Youth summer program with Bard on the Beach.

The play runs until March 28 in the Studio Theatre at the college’s New West campus. Livestreams are available on March 23 and 26. Visit the school’s website for tickets.



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