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Coquitlam author out with 10th adventure–mystery novel

P.J. Hatton pens 10th book in three years. The latest offering was inspired by his recent trip to Easter Island.

A prolific author from Coquitlam is out with another adventure–mystery novel.

P. J. Hatton recently released The Adventure of the Forgotten Moai, a story about a young anthropologist who makes a dangerous trip to the South Pacific.

Printed by Dorrance Publishing, the novel is Hatton’s 10th book and was inspired by his recent visit to Easter Island.

Since 2020, Hatton — an engineer and project manager by day — has unveiled The Queens of Pendragon, Paladyne’s Revenge and Melora’s Secret as part of The Queens Saga series, as well as King Tyrell’s Peril (a prequel to Queens of Pendragon) and The Knave of Hearts.

In that time, he also came out with his Time Chronicles collection: The Kanusan Legacy, An Artificial Utopia, Repeating Mistakes and A Future Hollywood.

To purchase his latest offering, visit his publisher’s online bookstore or go to