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Coquitlam city manager Peter Steblin says goodbye

Coquitlam city manager Peter Steblin retires today (Monday).
Peter Steblin
Peter Steblin is the city manager for Coquitlam. His last day at city hall is Jan. 16, 2023.

Coquitlam’s city manager is spending his last day at city hall.

Monday, Jan. 16 is the final round for Peter Steblin, who joined the municipality in 2008.

Previously, he served five years as general manager of environmental and engineering services and city engineer with the City of London, Ont.

Last November, Steblin announced he would be retiring from Coquitlam City Hall early in the new year.

The following month, he was named in a lawsuit by Metro Vancouver in connection with leaked material to his daughter, who was working for a company that the regional authority was about to terminate.

That case is set go before the Vancouver Law Courts tomorrow (Tuesday).

In a statement, Kathleen Vincent, Coquitlam’s communications manager, told the Tri-City News that Raul Allueva, the city’s deputy manager, will lead staff via the executive team until a new city manager is named.

“The city has launched the recruitment for a new city manager and, given the scope and complexity of this role, we anticipate this could take several months to complete,” Vincent wrote in an email.