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Coquitlam co-workers win $500K one week after first teaming up to pool lottery tickets

Anthony Borrill and 10 others reeled in the excitement after a moment of shock — and double-checking the numbers several times.
Anthony Borrill - Lotto Max June 22, 2021
Anthony Borrill of Coquitlam is splitting a $500,000 payday with 10 co-workers after they picked the right numbers to win a Maxmillion prize on June 22, 2021's record-breaking $70-million Lotto Max draw.

We now know one, err umm... 11 of the lucky winners of a single $500,000 lottery ticket purchased in Coquitlam back on June 22, 2021.

Anthony Borrill and 10 of his co-workers teamed up in hopes of potentially winning Canada's record-breaking $70-million Lotto Max draw that evening.

Instead, they ended up splitting a $1-million cheque with another ticket that matched the same seven numbers as they had for one of the 46 Maxmillions up for grabs.

Borrill says everyone was in disbelief when realizing they just earned a big payday and even scanned the ticket several times just to be sure.

"I was in the office, getting ready to start the day [when I checked our ticket]," he said in a release. The half-million ticket was bought at Petro Canada on Johnson Street in Coquitlam.

"My co-workers were asking if I had checked. When I saw the amount on the BCLC Lotto! app, I thought the app was broken!"

Borrill added he and his co-workers had only been pooling in on the lottery together for just one week before the $500,000 bonus and are planning to play again for future draws.

The Tri-City resident, in the meantime, explained he personally plans to use his share to help buy his mother a new vehicle and "to do some things he's always wanted to do but didn't have the money for."

On June 22, two Coquitlam lottery tickets were worth $500,000 each after they correctly matched all seven numbers for two Maxmillion prizes.

One was shared with another bought in Victoria; the winning numbers were 1, 4, 10, 17, 20, 30 and 48.

The other was paired with a ticket marked "WC," which stands for western Canada and means it was purchased in either Alberta, Saskatchewan or Manitoba; its winning numbers were 9, 13, 27, 34, 37, 48 and 50.

BCLC says more than $100 million has been won by Lotto Max players across the province in 2021 thus far.