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Coquitlam contemplates dog poop program

City to explore installing dog waste receptacles in parks
Dog receptacles
Coquitlam is looking at possibly following Port Coquitlam's example of putting up receptacles to collect dog waste.

Coquitlam is considering creating a dog waste diversion program similar to ones implemented by Metro Vancouver and its Tri-City neighbours.

Coun. Craig Hodge, a Metro Vancouver director, said a number of communities have dedicated dog waste receptacles in parks and on trails to avoid owners placing their pet’s waste in a plastic bag and then putting it into public garbage containers. Mayor Richard Stewart, who is also a Metro Van director, noted dog waste is actually prohibited from being in the garbage stream or even the green stream (organic waste or yard waste).

Hodge said a contractor collects the waste from the dedicated receptacles and takes it to a sewage treatment plant where the plastic bags are cut open and the contents dumped out for treatment.

“There is a solution, but I’m not sure what Coquitlam does in that regard because we are not part of that program,” said Hodge.

Coun. Chris Wilson called on staff to look at the feasibility of a program for Coquitlam.

“It just seems like the responsible thing to do, and some of our neighbours [Port Coquitlam and Port Moody] are doing,” said Wilson.

Parks manager Raul Allueva said the city might look at it as part of its dog off-leash strategy.

“If that waste percentage [in garbage receptacles] gets high with dog waste then there’s a problem,” said Allueva noting the Metro Vancouver program is “very costly” but promised an update in the next few months. “We’re tracking to see just what the costs are.”