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Coquitlam fire called to chicken BBQ but not to eat

Burning semi truck on Highway 1 Thursday was filled with chicken and cheese and took three hours to extinguish

A truck full of chicken and cheese sent flames and smoke high into the air, bringing Coquitlam firefighters to the scene with four emergency vehicles.

"It was fully engulfed," said Fire Chief Jim Ogloff, speculating that homes on Dawe's Hill likely spotted the large blaze on Highway 1 westbound and made the call to Coquitlam Fire/Rescue.

And while the roasting chicken might have made a nice barbecue, an entire transport truck full of it wasn't so pleasing.

"There was a lot of smoke," Ogloff noted.

It took 16 firefighters rougly three hours to douse the blaze and it's not known what started the inferno.

However, the driver was able to escape the truck unscathed and was out of the vehicle before fighters arrived.

The truck fire occurred at the tail end of rush hour and caused some delays, Ogloff noted.

The semi, hauling a Trans-X trailer was parked on the shoulder of the westbound lanes, near the King Edward Street overpass and Coquitlam IKEA store, when the fire occured.

The truck was completely totaled in the fire, Ogloff said, and there is not likely to be any further investigation by Coquitlam Fire/Rescue.


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