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Coquitlam preaches patience with snow clearing

Captain Public Works explains priority road clearing in light-hearted video
Snow clearing
Captain Public Works explains Coquitlam's process for prioritizing snow clearing in a light-hearted video posted to Facebook.

Coquitlam residents will have to wait if they expect their side street to be cleared quickly after a snowfall.

Priority 1 roads are getting cleared but Priority 2 and 3 streets have to wait until the main roads are safe.

And when there are multiple snowfalls, that could mean waiting some time for a neighbourhood street to get plowed.

While this might upset some, especially parents trying to get their kids to school, the city is finding a lighthearted way to explain to citizens how snow clearing decisions are made.

In a new video posted to its Facebook page, the city introduces a new superhero, Captain Public Works, and explains the priority clearing policy. With a big smile and the ability to fly, the hard hat-wearing, cape-sporting bearded fellow says some roads are cleared before others but it’s all to keep people safe.

The city also has an app for people to request a snow response.

Meanwhile, don’t forget to shovel your sidewalk. The city expects you to clear the sidewalk within 10 hours of a snowfall.

For more information, or to find out how to volunteer to be a Snow Angel to clear the walks for people with mobility issues, visit

Environment Canada is reporting flurries on and off, sometimes mixed with rain, through to Friday.