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Coquitlam Public Library's virtual summer clubs encourage kids, youth to become masters of deduction

Reading groups open for all ages online and the Library wants them to "crack the case."
paperwork & magnifying glass
Magnifying glass and a manuscript.

Does your child, teen or young adult have a knack for solving puzzles while diving their noses into books?

The Coquitlam Public Library (CPL) is encouraging them to join a summer reading club as related activities are being offered virtually.

As the season shifts and school comes to an end, the library is hoping young minds can continue to be expanded and giving them a case to crack may do the trick.

There are groups open for all ages, the CPL explains, while noting they officially started on June 1.


Kids up to age five are welcomed and encouraged to keep track of their reading while also participating in related activities.

This includes building on a range of deductive skills like drawing, problem-solving and even science.


While also keeping track of your reading, the CPL also wants to hear what middle schoolers are reading.

Participants are encouraged to write a synopsis of what they're reading throughout the course of the summer to hone up on their writing skills.

Related activities also include problem-solving and BINGO!


Some of the above activities are also being offered for teens and adults, but there's one activity that really puts their deductive skills to the test.

A virtual whodunit mystery night is on the docket for July 22 as "family and friends are gathering to pay tribute to the late Mr. Boddy and attend the reading of his will."

"As one of the deceased’s confidants or family members, it is your help that is needed to piece together his mystifying death, all the while avoiding being the victim of yet another murder at the will reading," the event's description reads.

"Attendees will be trying to solve the crime… or possibly be the murderer in our midst!"

For more information on each club, you can visit the summer reading page on the Coquitlam Public Library's website.