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Coquitlam SAR: Hike to the Eagle Bluff Lookout

As the weather warms up, there’s nothing better than to get out on the trails and enjoy the fresh air.

As the weather warms up, there’s nothing better than to get out on the trails and enjoy the fresh air.

However, it’s still very much winter on the higher slopes, so until the snow melts out later in the summer, it’s best to stick to the lower trails.

The hike described here highlights a local “all season” hiking option.

Eagle Bluff Lookout

7.5 km

300 m ascent

This short two- to three-hour loop has some steep sections, but the view from the bluffs is well worth it.

Start at the Buntzen Lake warden’s office and cut through the parking lots on the narrow path that heads east.

Turn right at the gravel road and then take the trail that heads up (Halvor Lunden Trail) just before reaching the gate.

Straight after the wooden bridge, take the left fork and start climbing.

At the next junction turn left, taking the continuation of the Halvor Lunden Trail (right) after about a further 200 m.

The trail now climbs steeply to the next fork, which you’ll come to shortly after steps in the middle of the trail.

Take the fork right (signed Eagle Bluff Lookout) following the trail south, now ascending less steeply.

After passing through a small section with steep drop-offs on your right, you’ll pass a wooden “no motorcycles” sign before emerging at the viewpoint under the electricity pilon.

The views from here are wide ranging and spectacular, and include Mt. Seymour, Buntzen Lake, Diez Vistas and Sugar Mountain.

After admiring the view, head down to the next pilon where you’ll see a wooden sign indicating the start of the next trail to follow (right).

This leads gently down to another junction at a bridge where the way down is right.

Switchbacks now lead down to the Academy Trail near the road.

Turn right on the Academy trail, following it north past the overflow parking lot, all the way to the bridge encountered near the start of the hike.

From here follow the way you came back to the parking lot.


Coquitlam SAR Safety Tips: (3 T’s)

TAKETHE ESSENTIALS” and other necessary equipment:

  • flashlight with spare batteries
  • extra food and water
  • paper map/compass/GPS
  • emergency shelter
  • signalling devices (whistle, air horn, phone)
  • extra clothing (to survive a night out)
  • first aid kit
  • pocket knife
  • fire starter
  • bug repellant/sunscreen

TRAIN: Make sure that you and the people you are hiking with (never go alone) are in good enough physical shape to do the hike comfortably and are also mentally prepared. Everyone should have the travel skills needed for the route. You should fully research your route beforehand and check the weather forecast.

TRIP PLAN: Make sure someone will come to look for you if you don’t return, by providing a trip plan to a responsible person who will raise the alert (i.e., call 911). The trip plan can be on old-fashioned paper or in electronic form. To create an online trip plan use the AdventureSmart App or the Overdue App (with maps).

Please consider donating to Coquitlam Search and Rescue in its 50th year. Go to to make a contribution.