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Cougar sightings lead to tips for homeowners

Conservation officer says its heard from Burke Mountain residents that there may be big cats in the area
Snow at higher elevations may have sent cougars further down the mountains in search of deer.

The B.C .Conservation Officer Service is offering tips for residents living near greenbelts after numerous reports of cougar sightings in the Burke Mountain area.

None of the sightings have been confirmed with photo evidence but officer Clayton DeBruin said the animals are highly mobile and maintain a large home territory, so they are never in one place for long.

Nevertheless, the CO service is monitoring the situation "very closely," DeBruin said, offering following tips:

• Install perimeter fencing around your property and ensure it's well lit in the early morning and early evening.

• Remove unnecessary vegetation to keep cougars, bears and coyotes from sleeping in it.

• Keep an air horn handy in case wildlife wanders on to your property (or bang pots and pans).

• And don't leave cats or dogs in the yard unsupervised, particularly in the early morning and evening.