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Crazy fireworks on Halloween didn't spark any 'shots fired' calls, say Coquitlam RCMP, but some unhappy with barrage

Explosion of fireworks throughout the Tri-Cities but people stayed safe, according to police reports, while hundreds of trick-or-treaters took advantage of cool but dry weather to collect candy from their neighbours
Port Moody Police road check on Halloween weekend
A Port Moody police officer does a road check at the Anmore Haunted House over the weekend.

Dog owners with nervous pets and early risers weren't happy with the noise of fireworks that popped until 11 p.m. in many Tri-City neigbhourhoods on Sunday, Oct. 31 (Halloween).

But Coquitlam RCMP says there were no concerns reported over the weekend by people thinking the sounds they heard were "shots fired," said Const. Deanna Law, and she said there were no other reports of problems over the weekend.

"There was nothing of significance," said Law, spokesperson for the local Mounties, "Pretty much everyone behaved themselves," she said.

However, during the night there was an ongoing debate on Facebook about the merits of fireworks, with some saying it's good to let off a little steam and others saying it was too loud and bothersome and went on too long.

"FIREWORKS! On Halloween? Good heaven's clutch my pearls!" wrote one wag on the Port Coquitlam Community Facebook page.

"Enough already with the illegal fireworks, I need to get up at 3:50 to go to work!" wrote someone who was fed up with the constant barrage.

In Port Moody, meanwhile, trick-or-treaters headed to their usual haunts.

Jan Voss, who has been keeping track of Halloween visitors to his Moody Centre home since 1998 saw a slight uptick in visitors to 111, compared to 100 in 2020.

But those numbers are still low compared to about 160 goblins who visited his Henry Street home in 2016.

"Great to see that even with Covid dominating so much of our lives these past 2 Halloweens, the number of kids we get to visit our home on the 2700 block of Henry Street is still holding steady, and which to me indicates I live in a healthy and diverse age wise neighbourhood," Voss wrote on the Port Moody Community Group Facebook page.

The Tri-City News has reached out to Port Moody Police Department for an update on calls to the detachment on Halloween night.

But a Tweet from Saturday night shows the police visiting the Anmore Haunted House, where they subjected some "skeletal" drivers to a roadside check.