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Decal to protect against internet stalking

Carol Todd announces latest initiative in wake of Telus WISE award for promoting internet safety
Internet Safety
A decal to place over a webcam to protect people from being filmed online has been developed and Carol Todd said they will soon be available for distribution through the Amanda Todd Legacy Society.

Carol Todd has been named an Outstanding Canadian Citizen by telecommunication giant Telus for her efforts to keep Canadians safe online.

The award comes with $2,000, which Todd said she will use to raise awareness about online safety, including the production of a decal that can be used to cover web cams on computers to prevent unsolicited filming by strangers.

"The idea is that it's a peel-on, peel-off sticker that you put on the camera when you don't need it and put it back on when you do," explained Todd, who said the funds provided by the inaugural Telus WISE (Wise Internet and Smartphone Education) program will go towards the Amanda Todd Legacy Fund.

Funds are also being used to pay for speakers to visit local schools to talk about internet safety, said Todd.

More information about the Telus WISE (Wise Internet and Smartphone Education) program is available at here.