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Developer asks to squeeze five homes on two lots in Port Coquitlam

Port Coquitlam land use plans seek to densify single-family properties, here's how they are working out
More homes are proposed for neighbourhoods in Port Coquitlam.

Port Coquitlam continues to see proposals for bringing new housing into established neighbourhoods as it looks for ways to squeeze more homes into the city.

Currently under discussion by PoCo council is a proposal for 1932 and 1936 Pitt River Rd., which would see a 13,000 sq. ft. property and a 9,000 sq. ft. property converted into five lots.

If approved, according to the city’s three-year-old Residential Small Lot designation, the new lots would range in size from about 4,000 sq. ft. to 4,900 sq. ft.

“The proposed development is consistent with the housing policies of the official community plan,” a city staff report states. 

“The intent of this small-lot designation is to allow for consideration of rezoning for the purpose of subdivision to assist in meeting increasing demand for single residential housing in the community,” the report further adds.

The city has seen a number of proposals for adding new homes in traditional single-family neighbourhoods in recent months, including proposals for duplexes and subdivisions.

In recent days, a developer has sought rezoning for property at  3608 Inverness St. from RS1 (Residential Single Dwelling 1) to RD (Residential Duplex) to allow for a duplex use. 

Meanwhile, there continues to be interest in redeveloping parcels in the city’s downtown core, next to the Donald Pathway.

Over the summer, a developer sought rezoning for a five-unit three-storey townhouse on a lot at 2258 Kelly Ave. that currently has a large single-family home.

The property had been zoned for an even higher density apartment land use but was not large enough to accommodate an apartment building.