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Dozens fined for flouting COVID-19 restrictions in Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam

Sweeps of Port Coquitlam businesses have resulted in hundreds of people being warned or provided with information about provincial health orders as police and city bylaw officers respond to changing COVID-19 health orders; 34 people have been given fines for flouting rules
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Port Coquitlam bylaw officers check out a business to make sure it is compliant with COVID-19 restrictions. Most businesses were compliant, including Patina Brewing Co, shown here, which met and exceeded requirements.

Dozens of Coquitlam and Port Coquitlam residents and businesses have been hit with fines for disobeying provincial health orders in the past year, according to the latest Coquitlam RCMP statistics.

Police have issued 34 fines to scofflaws who failed to follow provincial health orders and responded to 295 complaints in Coquitlam and Port Coquitlam since last March.

As B.C. enters the second year of its pandemic, Port Coquitlam is also sending out bylaw officers to help residents sort out the changing landscape of provincial health orders, with hundreds of businesses visited over the past several months.

But calls may be slowing down as people get used to all the new rules, according to the city.

“We know that this is a challenging and stressful time for our local businesses and residents. We appreciate all that our residents and local businesses are doing to help slow the spread of the virus,” stated Dominic Long, director of corporate support and community safety for the city.

Education is the goal of most interactions, he further stated in an email to the Tri-City News.


“We encourage local businesses to visit our website at to learn more about available resources and our outdoor space program to help businesses meet physical distancing and other health protocols by allowing the use of streets, sidewalks and other adjacent outdoor spaces for patios, lineups and product displays.” 

Over the last year as the city increased its staff and changed their hours, Port Coquitlam bylaw officers made 410 calls related to businesses and COVID 19 restrictions, but about half were pro-active to make sure local stores and restaurants were in compliance, according to the city.

Bylaw officers also attended an additional 117 calls over the past year to address complaints such as mask wearing and physical distancing in residences, parks and businesses.

Monthly statistics show complaints to Port Coquitlam’s bylaw office were the highest from March to May 2020, as people were adjusting to restrictions. For example, there were 60 complaints to PoCo bylaw in April 2020 and only eight so far this month.


According to Long, the vast majority of businesses have been compliant throughout the pandemic. 

“Most non-compliance comes from a lack of understanding about the provincial health orders rather than opposing them.”

While there have been no reports of wild parties in Port Coquitlam, other cities have faced issues, prompting the provincial government to increase penalties for violating COVID-19 public health orders.

The fine for promoting and attending a non-compliant gathering has increased from $230 to $575. The current fine for those who organize or host a prohibited event remains the same at $2,300.

A $230 fine is still in place for other COVID-19 violations such as failing to wear a mask and failing to abide by patron conditions.

In September, Port Moody police slapped nearly $700 in fines on three drunk men at a Port Moody eatery after their “erratic and belligerent” behaviour was found to be in violation of COVID-19 health and safety guidelines. 

— with files from Stefan Labbé