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Dozens of administrators on the move at Coquitlam area schools

School District 43 announces changes at elementary, middle and secondary schools prompted by retirements, resignations
Coquitlam school district has announced new administrator postings that will be effective July 1, 2021.

In what looks like a giant game of musical chairs, two dozen administrators will be headed to new school offices in September as retirements and resignations take effect at the end of June.

School District 43 (SD43) recently published its list of principal and vice-principal appointments in its annual reorganization to respond to employment changes at its 70 facilities.

Here are Coquitlam school district administrative appointments effective July 1:

Elementary principal appointments: 

• Heather Birnie moves from principal at Mountain Meadows to principal at Cedar Drive; 

• Michael Chan moves from vice-principal at Gleneagle Secondary to principal at Anmore Elementary; 

• Janine Close moves from principal at Hazel Trembath Elementary to principal at Aspenwood; 

• Sean Della Veda moves from principal at Pinetree Way to principal at Central Elementary; 

• Jason Hewlett moves from principal at Anmore Elementary to principal at Mary Hill Elementary; 

• Brian Leonard moves from principal at Cedar Drive Elementary to principal at Pinetree Way Elementary; 

• Genevieve McMahon moves from vice-principal at Banting Middle to principal at Mountain Meadows Elementary; 

• Dave Phelan moves from vice-principal at Terry Fox Secondary to principal at Hazel Trembath Elementary;  

• Lisa Salloum moves from principal at Mary Hill Elementary to principal at Mountain View Elementary; 

• Britt Walton moves from vice-principal at Pinetree Secondary to principal at Bramblewood Elementary; 

Elementary vice-principal appointments

• Shawne Callihoo moves from acting vice-principal to vice-principal at Leigh Elementary;

• Allison Johnson moves from teacher at Rochester Elementary to vice-principal at Smiling Creek Elementary;

• Tamara Sengotta moves from her post as teacher with learning services to vice-principal at Glen Elementary;

Middle vice-principal appointments

• Shannon Bain moves from vice-principal at Aspenwood Elementary to vice-principal at Banting Middle;

• Michael Bird moves from vice-principal at Glen Elementary to vice-principal at Como Lake Middle;

• Ian Robertson moves from teacher with learning services to vice-principal at Maple Creek Middle;

Secondary vice-principal appointments

• Karen Edgell Cornish moves from teacher at Terry Fox Secondary to vice-principal at Centennial Secondary;

• Tanya Dissegna moves from acting vice-principal at Gleneagle Secondary to vice-principal at Gleneagle Secondary;

• Veronika Farnell moves from vice-principal at Centennial Secondary to vice-principal at Port Moody Secondary;

• Kelly Fridge moves from teacher at Terry Fox Secondary to vice-principal at Dr. Charles Best Secondary;

• Larry Ryan moves from vice-principal Maple Creek Middle to vice-principal Pinetree Secondary;

• Todd Smith moves from vice-principal technology implementation to vice-principal of Gleneagle Secondary;

• Dan Wyper moves from vice-principal of Como Lake Middle to vice-principal of Terry Fox Secondary;

Satellite Programs Appointment 

• Jody Moss moves from principal at Mountain View Elementary to principal of learning services;

Meanwhile, four administrators are retiring: Kevin Akins, principal of Aspenwood; Gord Easton, vice-principal of Charles Best, and Dawn Holden, principal of Bramblewood Elementary.

As well, two principals are leaving the district: Remi Collins, who was previously Smiling Creek Elementary principal and recently on leave; and Andrea McComb, who has been principal of learning services.