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Drivers, ye been warned: Coquitlam traffic cops share January radar sites

RCMP have begun a new safety campaign that aims to crack down on speeding, distracted and impaired driving.
This SUV was impounded for seven days starting Jan. 17, 2023, after its operator was caught speeding to 115 km/h in a 70 zone of the Mary Hill Bypass through Port Coquitlam.

When was the last time you heard a cop share radar locations for speed enforcement?

The most likely answer: probably never.

In an effort to encourage local drivers to slow down and always follow the rules of the road, Coquitlam RCMP has released the areas where two new traffic teams will be set up for the rest of January.

As well, the safety campaign is sharing the specific violations Mounties will be looking for when out on Lougheed Highway (7) through Coquitlam and Port Coquitlam, and the Mary Hill Bypass (7B).

The exact locations are not provided, but that's part of the detachment's strategy for what are known as High Accident Zone Enforcement (HAZE) and High Visibility Enforcement (HVE).

You can view the dates and type of enforcement below.

Spokesperson Cpl. Alexa Hodgins said the heads up is also meant to act as a reminder of the consequences of poor driving behaviour.

"Through HAZE and HVE, we hope to combine the visual elements of police presence to an area and a publicity strategy to educate the public and promote voluntary compliance with the law." 

The initiative officially began Jan. 8, and appears to be on a four-day on, five-day off schedule.

Details on how HAZE and HVE has resulted thus far could not be provided, but Cpl. Hodgins told the Tri-City News stats will be released at the end of January.

We can already count on at least one vehicle impoundment from the enforcement after Coquitlam RCMP posted a photo of an SUV getting attached to a tow truck off the Mary Hill Bypass on Tuesday (Jan. 17).

Mounties said the driver clocked 115 km/h in a 70 zone and received a violation ticket as B.C.'s Motor Vehicle Act defines excessive speeding as accelerating to 40 km/h or more than the posted limit.

And the faster you drive, the higher the fine:

  • More than 40 km/h = $368 fine and three penalty points added to your driving record
  • More than 60 km/h = $483 fine and three penalty points added to your driving record

The campaign also started on the heals of a busy holiday season for RCMP, which included nabbing 12 excessive speedsters in back-to-back nights — 11 along Lougheed Highway through Coquitlam and four in the same location.

"Posted speed limits are maximum speeds during ideal conditions (dry roads, clear visibility)," the local detachment said in an earlier statement.

"Road safety is a priority, we're always on the look out for speeding, distracted and impaired drivers."

Lougheed Highway and the Mary Hill Bypass have statistically experienced a large number of collisions with significant damage and injuries, Hodgins added.

Already, traffic cops have conducted HVE canvassing for speed, distracted driving, impaired driving, invalid licenses and failing to wear seatbelts.

Coquitlam RCMP's remaining January schedule for its enforcement teams is as follows:

Jan. 19 (today)

  • Highway 7B / Mary Hill Bypass
  • Team Enforcement for distracted driving and occupant restraints

Jan. 24

  • Lougheed Highway, Coquitlam
  • Team Enforcement for speed within school and playground zones

Jan. 25

  • Highway 7B / Mary Hill Bypass
  • Team Enforcement for speed within school and playground zones

Jan. 26

  • Lougheed Highway, Port Coquitlam
  • Team Enforcement for traffic control devices

Jan. 27

  • Lougheed Highway, Port Coquitlam
  • Team Enforcement road check for impaired driving

- with a file from Diane Strandberg, Tri-City News