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Election Qs: We asked Coquitlam-Port Coquitlam 2021 candidates about COVID-19 vaccines

Each week before Sept. 20, we'll ask local candidates a question on a key topic or issue relevant to the Tri-City region and/or local residents.
Drive-thru vax 13
Maria Yule of Port Coquitlam receives a COVID-19 vaccine at the Coquitlam drive-thru testing and vaccination centre on May 5, 2021.

On Sept. 20, local residents will be voting for a member of parliament in the Coquitlam-Port Coquitlam riding for the 2021 federal election.

Each week leading up to decision day, the Tri-City News will publish answers to topical questions from those vying for a seat in the House of Commons.

Responses from candidates are listed in alphabetical order.


  • Are you double-vaccinated against COVID-19, and do you think it should be a requirement for workplaces?


Katerina Anastasiadis  Conservative

  • Yes, I am double vaccinated; to combat the spread of COVID-19 in our communities and for my own health and safety. I'm seeking a federal mandate, which oversees the function and procedures of the federal public service. My position is that any unvaccinated public servants would be required to take daily rapid COVID-19 tests.

Kimberly Brundell  People's Party of Canada

  • I am not double vaccinated. My decision was based on my private personal medical history. I made the choice that was best for my personal health circumstances. I do not support vaccine mandates in the workplace or vaccine passports. Every Canadian is unique. Every Canadian has different health challenges and medical histories. All medical decisions should be made by an individual with consultation from their doctor. The government should not punish Canadians for their individual choices regarding their health. 

Laura Dupont — NDP

  • I believe the best way out of the pandemic is with vaccinations. Like me, some people have had bad reactions to medications and need to consult their physicians and proceed carefully. I am getting my second shot soon, and for now, I am testing regularly and closely following the updated provincial health guidelines.

Ron McKinnon — Liberal (incumbent)

  • I am double vaccinated. Our government led by example to protect employees by mandating vaccines in federally regulated industries. Being vaccinated protects yourself, your family, your community, and your workplace. If you are unable to be vaccinated, accommodation or alternative measures should be determined.